Date: 16 September 2019

Attendees: 37

With the highest interest recorded for a site visit to date the attendees bustled the cold afternoon to inspect the SAM construction site for a tour on Monday September 16th. The informative tour was led by Kane Constructions partnered with Greater Shepparton City Council representatives (Manager Projects and Project Manager for SAM).

PPE was a must and signing into site took some time with the high attendance numbers but it was all worth the construction experience after climbing the scaffolding stairs to the top of the building. The view from the top was just as exciting as the sheer proportion of steel reinforcement required for the build (all walls are being constructed on site). Check out the photos!

The history of SAM from inception through to community consultation, budget allocation and grant information, design, steel quantity, local trade and material usage as well as economic benefit were hot topics during question time.

Kane Construction and Greater Shepparton City Council representatives provided hours of information during their tours with the completion time running over due to queries and providing a thorough experience to those who attended.

We would like to thank Kane Constructions and Greater Shepparton City Council as well as all who attended along with the feedback which has since been provided.