IN-GV Sponsors Breakfast was held at the Connection on the 22nd May 2019. We welcomed representatives from 12 of our 17 Sponsors. The Sponsors Breakfast is held every year to provide the opportunity for our sponsors to directly input into our future direction as well as to network with us and among other sponsors.

Just a bit of background, IN-GV was established in July 2015 as a local stand along not-for-profit group. Primarily our purpose is to promote education, networking and development between organisations involved with infrastructure design, management or construction.

We have formalised our goals in our strategic business plan along with the associated objectives and specific plans on how to achieve our goals. With our formalised approach and a basic schedule of events including our key events being our AGM, Maths Science Awards presentation, Christmas functions,  golf/bowls event and attending carers days, plus we strive to have some diverse events throughout the year including site inspections.

Late last year we held an asset management forum in conjunction with Goulburn Murray Water which drew participants from all around the state. This year we have visited Goulburn Valley Waters new upgrade of the Water Treatment plant and looked at the Challenger Valves factory.

That is where we mentioned to our sponsors that they can assist us by letting us know if there are any projects you are involved with to give us the opportunity to allow all our members to come and be informed.

Thanks again to all our sponsors for their contributions which allow us to grow and continue to be relevant.